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b"Jul 11, 2019 \xc2\xb7 Container size: adapted to 20', 40' and 45' container : Weight of one lifting jack: 180 kg (396 lb) or 200 kg (441 lb) in a version lifting up to 1.7 m (67 in) Construction: High quality steel protected against corrosion Puncture-proof rubber wheels High-quality hydraulic cylinders with integrated counterbalance valves: Operating temperature: from -15\xc2\xb0 C (5\xc2\xb0 F)"

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b'ISO Container, Lifting / Moving / Supporting devices. Container Levelling Jacks; Container Lifting and Moving Jacks; Container Lifting Jacks; Container Moving Sets; Container Support Jacks; Jacking Legs; Mechanical Steel Jacks; Portable davits; Wire Rope Diverter Pulleys / Sheaves; Rack and Pinion Jack. Rack and Pinion Jacks (without mounting ...'

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b'Lifting system 260 motor drive with swivel outtriggers. Lifting jacks Series 260 with automatic position control and external cabling on an extendable container 3:1. This option cables and control box outside of the container is preferred in case the lifting system has to be used optionally for different containers.'

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b'Shipping Container Leveling Booster \xe2\x80\x93 Locks into place for shipping container leveling. $ 259.35. Add to cart. Level your shipping container with ease with our 12 ton bottle jack. Perfect to use with our shipping container leveling booster. The product is 12Ton bottle jack. Easy and simple use kit. The product is manufactured in china.'

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b'Nov 14, 2020 \xc2\xb7 This container jack lug is your fastest and easiest solution by lifting the container from the bottom corner and leveling it with the ground in just minutes. Just insert the Lug head into bottom corner castings of the container and turn upward. A hydraulic bottle jack is then placed under the booster to raise the container off the ground.'

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b'Modern hydraulic machine lifts as well as other lifting devices and lifting systems facilitate the internal work process, innovative transport trolleys and transport technology systems are valuable helpers in the daily routine. For the Short-term demand planning, all devices can also be rented. Our products. Hydraulic lifting equipment and pumps'

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b'We have a shipping container hitch system in testing now. We have a shipping container hydraulic jack lift / leveling system we are manufacturing and selling. We have a shipping container chain-connect lifting system in the works. Send a message if interested.'

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b'MMNZE 10T 0.43In Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder Jack, Stroke Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder, Mini Portable Hydraulic Cylinder Industrial Lifting Jack (FPY-101 10T 0.43Inch) $46.99 - $189.99 #26'