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b'EOT crane, also known as electric overhead travelling crane, is the most common type of overhead crane used in many factories, warehouses, material yards, etc. These cranes are electrically operated by a control pendant, remote control or from an operator cabin attached to the crane. Types of EOT Cranes'

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b'Electrical control system. The standard power supply of our double girder electric overhead cranes is three-phase AC, the rated voltage is 380V, and the rated frequency is 50Hz. It can also be designed according to user requirements. Crane power feed: (1) safety \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Crane travelling mechanism adopts the separate driving mode, the driving and braking are completed by the conical motor, and the transmission adopts \xe2\x80\x9copen-close\xe2\x80\x9d gear transmission. 3. Electrical equipment. The motor used in single girder overhead crane is a conical motor with a brake device.'

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b'single girder eot crane. Designed and produced according to national standards, the electric single girder overhead crane is a light small lifting crane, equipped with electric hoists as the lifting mechanism, The lifting capacity of the single girder electric hoist crane is 1 to 32 tons and the working class is A3 and A4.'

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b'20 Ton overhead Crane Features. The bridge crane 20 ton is driven by Three-to-one motor, which combine the motor, speed reducer, and brake into one. Compact structure and novel appearance. Easy installation and disassembly, and ease of maintenance. Taking frequency converter and PLC technology .'

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b'Nov 28, 2016 \xc2\xb7 Crane motor is a part of gantry crane and overhead crane, which is a kind of equipment for electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is through the electric coil (i.e. stator winding) to produce a rotating magnetic field and its function in the form of rotary torque. The crane motor is divided into DC'

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b'Double girder overhead crane, also know as double girder bridge crane or double girder crane, is the kind of overhead crane specially engineered with stronger double girder to lift and transport heavy loads up to 200 tons across large areas. Double girder overhead travelling crane is composed of box type welded ,'

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b'Single girder overhead crane. The capacity: 1-30ton. The span: 7.5-31.5m. Working grade: A3-A5. Single girder overhead crane often consists of main beam, end beam, electric hoist, H track, electric part and control system. The hoist of single girder overhead crane often goes with CD, MD electric hoist or low'