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b'CraneSource 3 SINGLE GIRDER UNDERHUNG FIXED AXLE COMPONENTS 1/2-10 TON SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITY: 1/2-10 Metric Ton SERVICE CLASS: Meets the duty requirements of CMAA Class C Service OPERATION: Indoor WHEELS: Forged steel, compound tread hardened to 320 BHN, to run on either wide \xef\xac\x82 -'

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b"The CXT UNO is a basic crane with a 12,5 ton capacity, designed for everyday use. Its big brother is the CXT NEO, lifting up to 80 tons, and includes advanced features such as the ergonomic radio and inverter hoisting with adaptive speed range. When you don't have room for a standard elevated runway, our CXT"

Wall mounted jib crane (h type) report

b'May 02, 2018 \xc2\xb7 1. Wall Mounted Jib Crane (H-Type) Mechanical System Design Department of Mechanical Engineering. 2. Executive Summary Jib crane is a machine that is used to lift heavy loads of greater than 1 ton. There are two main kinds of jib cranes like Column Jib cranes and Wall mounted Jib . ...'

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b'Overhead crane, commonly known as overhead bridge crane or overhead eot crane, is a type of material handling crane widely used in industrial environments.TAVOL Cranes Group is the professional industrial crane manufacturer and supplier who has been dedicated to supplying an extensive range of complex industrial crane systems and crane kits available in varied configurations for over 30 years.'

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b'Cheap China traditional hoist crane single girder design 1-32 ton for sale. Types of single girder overhead hoist crane for sale, I beam hoist crane, monorail hoist crane, box girder hoist crane, wire rope hoist crane, and chain hoist crane, etc. Check cheap Chinese hoist crane now.It is a light small lift equipment 32'

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b'Electric Chain Hoists Hoists Direct offers many different brands, capacities, lifts, and options for electric chain hoists. Electric chain hoists offer the best option for lifting 5-tons or less. When selecting an electric hoist you need to determine the voltage or power supply (single phase or 3-phase), capacity, lift ( ), (, , ...'

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b"During the design stages, engineers' calculations showed that the upper zone required 17,000 tons of refrigeration and the lower zone 32,000 tons, for a total of 49,000 tons. Normally, eight refrigeration machines would be used: two 7,000-ton units and one 3,000-ton unit for the high zone and four 7,000-ton 4,000- ..."

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b'Supplier: Ace Crane. Description: to meet almost any specification. Ace Crane specializes in Turnkey Crane Projects including Consulting, Engineering, Design, Permitting, Fabrication, Installation, Start-up and Operator Training. We can also supply Freestanding Crane Structures for Cranes up to 50. Crane Type: Bridge / Overhead Crane.'